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Bookings and Holds

Thinking about getting married??

Booking a celebrant, along with all the other vendors, choosing the date, thinking about the myriad of organisation ahead can be very daunting. Take your time. Get a list. Make a spreadsheet. This is a part time job! Dedicate some time each week to go through your list clearly and tick things off as you complete! Sooooo satisfying.

In terms of choosing your celebrant, take your time there too, but make your decision quickly once you have spoken to a few, or met.

Some dates are particularly popular, and often multiple enquiries for the same date come through in the same week. It might seem a long way away, but you must consider your celebrant choice as one of your main essentials to lock in – don’t leave this to the last few months! You need a minimum of one month prior to have your paperwork signed off on, and while that sounds pretty ok, it’s often almost impossible to secure a celebrant if you leave it that late.

Essential items you must have legally for your paperwork meeting ( sign off on your Notice of Intent to Marry ) – Original birth certificates, one form of valid photo ID ( Passport, Drivers licence ) and proof of any previous marriages’ termination. ( there are a few other things that you may need if you have changed your name by deed poll / law, but we can chat about that(=) Don’t make it a last minute scramble to look for birth certificates! Often they are at your parents place, or hidden in a file at the back of your cupboard, or genuinely lost!

Enquiries for dates, and being given a quote from your celebrant is not a hold for the date. You must have engaged your celebrant for their service, and paid a deposit to secure it. All of your wedding vendors will ask for this, it is a contract that will ensure you are confirmed and locked in, and one less thing to worry about.

My fees have remained largely unchanged for the last 9 years. Marginal increases, and some extra inclusions. Booking me now for 2022/2023 will be at the quoted price for 2021. 2022 I will need to increase my fee to be in line with the industry average, the hours I dedicate, the cost of insurances and celebrant registration and ongoing training, the service I provide with unlimited chats and coffees, and finally, what you will see! the warm, professional and outstanding ceremony I deliver.

In short – book now! Secure 2021 prices for your 2023 wedding. Hold the date. Add me to your list as done 🙂