What a beautiful time of year! Fresh plans, uplifting weather, and renewed vigour. I am constantly searching for new inclusions into wedding ceremonies, that reflect the individual personalities and stories of the couple. From hand fasting ceremonies, to pressing thumbprints into moulds to be later made into jewellery, there is no end to finding a physical way to express the moment.



Brrrrr! Chilly wintry wonderful

I love the concept of a winter wedding, of rich fabrics and warm fires and lots of dancing to take the chill off. I have yet to officiate at a winter wedding, and I plan to in 2015 – such a different feel when there is a bite in the […]

Getting Hitched Wedding Expo

So. Much. Fun! What a fantastic event, and how wonderful it was to see so many happy people, and a joy to meet as many of them as I did. If I met YOU, hello again! Editing some of the images, will post soon.   L xx

It is very nearly a new year! I wonder how many couples will shift their relationship up a notch into ‘fiancé/fiancée territory?! How many married couples will think of renewing vows, how many people will welcome new babies, or farewell loved ones? Every moment is worth celebrating.

Springtime in Australia

I am always so heartened by spring – my favourite season of the year. This spring has been hardened by a plethora of fiery outbreaks, and so many lost homes and hopes. It is difficult to imagine losing everything you have ever known. My thoughts are with those who fought […]

Celebrants Conference 2013

June sees a fantastic opportunity for me to collaborate with other marriage celebrants from all over Australia, at a conference in beautiful Melbourne. The focus for me personally, will be to meet as many fellow celebrants as I can, and share stories of love, commitment and celebration. Every opportunity I […]